Sustainability is one of our top priorities. To answer today’s challenges and reduce our footprint on the environment Idea L Pack has developed several eco-friendly solutions.


Cardboard as an environmentally friendly material. It is organic, resistant and come in different shapes and sizes. Cardboard can keep your product secure throughout the shipping process. A box is also over 80% biodegradable and can be made from recycled material or be recyclable.

Recycled paper

Recycled paper can be made up to 100% wastepaper. It is resistant, easy to recycle and a good for the environment. One ton of recycle paper will save up to 16 trees and need less energy and water to be produced than pulp paper.

Biodegradable material

Biodegradable materials like PLA and PBAT are a good alternative to plastic. It can be decomposed by microorganisms under outside natural conditions within 12-15 months. This material reduces greenhouse gases and water use. Our biodegradable material has been certified from experts in Europe, USA and Australia.

Seed Paper

Plantable paper or seed paper is a biodegradable eco-paper that is made with recycled materials and embedded with seeds. Seed paper is very easy to recycle. Once planted, the seeds grow into flowers and the paper composts away. It gives a second life to your packaging and no waste is left behind.

Stone paper

Limestone or stone paper is a treeless paper made from stone dust. It combines advantages of both paper and plastic. It is printable, resistant, foldable, waterproof and give a high-quality look and feel to any product. Stone paper is easy to recycle as it can decompose under outside natural conditions.


Rpet is made from used plastic bottle. It reduces plastic waste, give a second life to your plastic bottle and save water and energy. Rpet material is resistant and recyclable. Bag cord can also be made from RPET or paper which is made your product 100% environmental-friendly.

Paper Plastic

Paper plastic is new material made from FSC wood fibers that combines all advantages of plastic without any plastic. It is renewable, reusable, recyclable and water resistant. Paper plastic is biodegradable under industrial composting.